Our competence, your safety.
Tommaso Grandi Dental Clinic rises from the synthesis between the passion for dentistry and the desire to put patients at the centre of care.
In the Clinic common dental diseases are treated with competence favoring innovative techniques and materials. Treatments for edentulous patients (missing teeth) are performed. Patients are informed about different treatment plans: traditional rehabilitations (fixed bridges on natural teeth and mobile dentures) or implant type rehabilitations (anchored to titanium fixtures inserted in the maxilla/mandible).
The mission of the Clinic is to provide high quality treatment with resonable prices, in such a way as to allow the largest number of patients to be able to take better care of their mouth.
Tommaso Grandi Dental Clinic is located in Modena, Italy, in a strategic position for those who live in the city center and for those arriving from outside. The Clinic is located in a relaxing area surrounded by greenery and has a large private car park.
The Clinic organizes training courses for dentists in the conference room. It can accommodate up to 50 participants and it is equipped with stations for hands-on. The professional Full-HD audio-visual equipment allows optimal interface during live-treatments.


Care for details, care for the patient.
We believe that the care for details, the quality of the materials, the severity of sterilization processes are at the basis of a reliable and high performance therapy. For this reason we follow this approach during our treatments.
To give our therapies a high standard quality, we practice an evidence-based dentistry and we continuously renew the instrumentations and materials trying to always use the latest innovations offered by the market.
Nothing is left to chance: starting from strictly certified materials, to constant updating for doctors and nurses.
The sterilization room has been equipped with the most modern machines to allow the complete sterilization of instruments and thus avoid contamination. The staff is highly specialized in the preparation of material for each clinical procedure.